Municipal elections in Tampere 2021

Tampere is Green Tomorrow. Santeri Kärki is looking to make a difference with Vihreät.

Santeri Kärki, 28yrs

Electoral candidate in municipal elections 2021 @Tampere #Vihreät.

Hi There!

My name is Santeri Kärki and I’m running for electoral candidate in upcoming municipal elections at Tampere on April 2021. My party is Vihreät aka The Greens. I am 28-years-old Political Science student at University of Tampere.

My main goal is to make Tampere a better place for us all to live, no matter the gender or your former background or current workplace. Together we can make city of Tampere a place for anyone to live happily. We need strong support network from the city and thus we must have a good health care and mental health care for everyone. The lines especially for mental health care are way too long and getting help might take so long that people end up excluded from social and work life. Everyone deserve to get help as soon as possible, even if one can’t afford private health care. Mental health services have terrible queue at the moment and the city must invest extra money to make the lines faster – first therapy session should be held within a month after first contact.

My secondary theme is also to make public transport as fluent as possible while allowing anyone to use transportation no matter where they live or how much they make per month. We need to keep the costs low for customers to courage people to use public transport a lot more, thus reducing emissions from private transportation.

Santeri Kärki, Vihreät, The greens, Tampere, Municipal elections 2021
Public transport should be cheaper and run a bit more often to the centre. Picture: Santeri Kärki

Education is also important. We have to make sure that everybody gets enough help in the class. This is why I’d like to make class sizes a bit smaller and also add some additional staff to schools.

Also, keeping the city center clean and green is one of my most important priorities. Areas like Hämeenpuisto, Eteläpuisto or Pyynikki won’t need anymore gray buildings. As Covid-19 has shown us, having a possibility to go out and enjoy nature is vital for one’s mental health. We need to assure that everybody has a possibility for this, no matter where we live. We can build, but we need to select the areas responsibly and avoid destroying beautiful places that allow us to take a breath from the everyday-life.

I’m going to update my themes in English during the campaign. If you have any questions, please use the feedback form provided! Thank you for reading this far. Together we can make Tampere better place for us all!

Most important Themes summarized
  • Everybody deserves a chance to get medical attention, whether physical or mental. Your wealth can’t determine how fast you get the help you need. Therapy services should start one month after initial contact.
  • Keeping the city center green and having a working, low-priced public transportation
  • Schools should give more help for youngsters and group-sizes should be smaller
  • Everybody deserves services no matter what is your income, gender or religion. I want Tampere to be equal for us all!

Why should you vote in the municipal elections?

Voting is universal civil right in Finland and everyone living in any city or town can cast their vote. It is vital to vote, because the decisions made in the council are the ones that most effect your everyday-life. If you vote for somebody, the vote will be cast to the party itself – that’s why it is important to vote for someone whose party represents the ideas that suit you best. In The Greens we support values which will take into account every people no matter your income and we want to make decisions that will help your everyday-life and make every service less costly. Healthcare, mental healthcare, public transportation and family services should be in my opinion free-of-charge!


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