Future generations will condemn us for our incompetence

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Future generations will condemn us for our incompetence in handling crucial issues of our time. That’s a guarantee.

Future generations will marvel at our actions, much as we marvel at those who, for example, brought the Nazis to power. We thought that was stupid, yet we were doomed to repeat those same mistakes again.

There will come a day when we ponder how foolish we were to vote for a right-wing government that wreaked havoc on Finland’s economy and human rights. Similar choices were made worldwide, and in those countries, heads will shake in disbelief in the future.


The Future’s Verdict

Future generations will wonder and condemn us for our incompetence.

How foolish were the people of the early 2000s!

The same judgment will come from future generations regarding our allowance of climate change and an unjust world. We killed people because they were of a different color or religion. We consumed recklessly because “the economy wouldn’t function otherwise.”

Oh, to live in a time when people are empathetic and rational.

Yearning for a Better World

If only there were a few countries where we could live wisely and peacefully, caring for one another. Valuing education, cherishing well-being.

Well, perhaps the utopia of today could be the norm of the future. Let’s hope for that, at least for future generations.

Anna panoksesi keskusteluun!

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