Santeri Kärki

A Green Politician located in Tampere, Finland.

Eager for Equality, standing against Climate change.

Santeri Kärki - Standing for Humanity

Solutions for Inequality and Well-being

I am a solution expert, humanist, empathetic individual, and author. My thoughts focus on discounting the future, meaning I want to make decisions now that will have positive effects on a better future. Cutting belongs to doctors, not politicians.


Key Themes for a Better Life

In politics, I consider equal opportunities, efficient and prompt mental health care, the right to a clean environment, and seamless public transportation as crucial. All actions must be fair, taking intersectionality into account. Addressing climate change and its impacts should be at the forefront of politics, as the world undergoes a green transition – Finland cannot afford to fall behind.

Everyone should have equal opportunities for quality education, as well as access to functioning health and mental health services. Mental health services should be available within a month after the initial contact, and ideally within a week. Treatment should not be a matter of finances, as addressing problems before they deepen is cost-effective and prevents social exclusion. However, untreated mental health issues cost up to 11 billion euros annually – more than the government’s annual additional debt!

The role of social work in human well-being is crucial, and sufficient resources must be allocated at both local and national levels. Climate actions must be implemented in municipalities and well-being regions to combat climate change effectively. If we want to stop climate change, action must be taken immediately!

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