Climate change does not stop at state borders and does not care about nationality

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Climate change does not stop at state borders and it doesn't care about citizenship. With current policies, we are practically doomed.

Finland may experience up to triple the warming compared to the rest of the world due to climate change. Agricultural harvests may be lost, and temperatures will be extremely high and challenging for humans in different seasons. Climate change does not stop at state borders and does not care about nationality, and therefore, all states must participate internationally in climate actions.

Even at this point, one would hope that people wake up to the problem and the climate crisis. Even at the point when changes in the near future could affect us, one would hope that individuals wake up and start making sensible choices.

Unfortunately, I am pessimistic about the matter. Apparently, humans do not want to learn from history, believe in science, or evolve as a species to be less selfish. There would be hope if climate actions were started collectively, faster, more, and more justly.


Because at the point when the average temperature of the Earth has risen by more than a couple of degrees, and various extreme weather events have increased dramatically, it is already too late to react.

It must be remembered that climate change does not respect national borders, and climate change does not stop at state borders. We Finns are at least as guilty as the citizens of other countries. Even more so because our lifestyle burdens the Earth about 2 times more per person than, for example, the way Chinese people live. Meanwhile, our carbon footprint is still four times higher than a sustainable level.

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Below are listed five facts about climate change. The participation of everyone in the world is needed to stop climate change.

Climate Change Knows No State Borders – Citizens Bear Great Responsibility

It is easy to say that an individual has no power to influence or that a country the size of Finland cannot make a difference. But that is a lie. It’s not only China that is responsible for decisions, and the rest of the world can have an impact. Even cities can make a difference.

If all other countries engage in climate efforts and China does not, then China is unlikely to trade with others. The products would be unusable, compelling China to make changes.

If within state borders, 50% of the people demanded climate actions while sacrificing their own comforts, many democracies would undergo a change that would contribute to preserving a viable planet. Ideally, actions that are fair to both current and future generations.

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If urban residents did not vote for parties harmful to the climate, urban pollution would significantly decrease. If companies and entities managed by cities operated carbon-neutrally, and urban activities were planned with the environment and climate in mind, other actors in urban areas would be compelled to change.

If no one bought products or services from companies that contribute to climate change, these companies would be forced to change or close their doors.

Ultimately, the Earth consists of individuals who form various collectives. Change begins with individuals, businesses, and cities. No one else will make that change for us. We have the opportunity to make a difference and save the world – even in Finland. No one else will do it for us. And climate actions require personal sacrifices.

Now is the time for every individual to wake up, demand changes, and make them. If we always wait for someone or something else to act and make things happen, nothing will ever occur. In that case, climate change won’t stop; it will continue and worsen.

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Climate Change Won’t Halt Without Global Cooperation

Even Finland’s economic growth depends on whether climate change can be stopped in time.

If we persistently strive for economic growth, overconsumption, and a selfish hedonistic lifestyle, we may soon give up hope. Even the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) is ready to adjust its climate goals and realizes that climate change won’t stop without global cooperation. Finland’s economic growth also depends on whether climate change can be stopped in time. Combating climate change is also a fantastic opportunity for Finland economically – creating and exporting innovations can bring substantial income to the entire nation.

Changes are needed at the state level, but also in people’s attitudes. Climate action can be taken fairly and swiftly, and the impacts on our daily lives are not in any way dramatic. Hesitation, on the other hand, results in a decline in the standard of living. Climate change won’t stop simply by waiting for others to act.

Humanity must change before the climate changes irreversibly.

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