US Presidential election 2024: Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin’s number one candidate

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Maga people are very useful idiots for Russia and Vladimir Putin. Photo by Polina Zimmerman.

The U.S. presidential election 2024 is a timely topic, and the potential return of Donald Trump as the Republican presidential candidate stirs up a lot of passionate and colorful debate. Russia is likely to attempt to influence the elections to achieve a favorable outcome for itself. Donald trump is Vladimir Putin’s number one candidate to win. 

In the U.S. presidential elections, Donald Trump is potentially emerging as the Republican candidate once again. Concerns have been raised that Russia is likely to strongly support Trump, as his policies significantly benefit the Russians. Experts have already warned that if the snake enters the house, it may be challenging to evict it.

But how does Donald Trump’s potential victory in the Us presidential election 2024 benefit Vladimir Putin? The truth is that it is like winning a lottery for russians.


U.S. Presidential Elections and the Return of Donald Trump

The 2024 U.S. presidential elections are approaching, and much attention is focused on Donald Trump. The former president may once again be the Republican presidential candidate. In connection with the upcoming elections, there is also the question of Russia’s potential hybrid influence on the election results, especially in favor of Trump. There are concerns that deepfake forgeries may deceive many voters, and there have been some previews of this in elections held in some countries.

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For Russia, a Trump victory would be a good thing, and it aims to achieve this through hybrid influence. Hybrid influence is a term that refers to various actions aimed at influencing another country’s internal affairs. Russia has previously engaged in such activities, for example, during the U.S. presidential elections in 2016. Additionally, Russia attempted hybrid influence, such as claiming that the energy crisis was due to the green transition, targeting Finns after the start of the Ukrainian war.

One way Russia may try to influence the U.S. presidential elections is by spreading disinformation and fake news on social media. Russia has used this tactic before, and it is possible that it will continue the same approach in future elections. The cessation of censorship of fake news on Twitter has significantly increased this threat, as citizens receive information from “reliable” accounts without certainty about the presenter.

Furthermore, Russia may attempt hacking and cyberattacks to gain access to sensitive information and use it to harm Trump’s opponents. This could include leaking emails or publishing other personal information.

U.S. authorities are undoubtedly aware of Russia’s potential hybrid influence and are working to protect the electoral process. It is crucial that voters are also aware of the spread of disinformation and fake news and can distinguish reliable information from unreliable. The best way to ensure a fair election result would be to involve social media platforms and collectively combat disinformation.

It is also important that networks and electoral systems are well-protected and monitored. Authorities should collaborate with cybersecurity experts to ensure that any potential data breaches are detected and responded to promptly. Present-day Russia may well employ various information technology-related tricks.

In the end, one thing is certain. Trump, like other right-wing populists, is playing on Russia’s home turf. In the current situation, we cannot afford that.

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