Abandoning borders for a just World – A Call for Global Equality

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World leaders should contemplate abandoning borders, as they create tension, inequality, and unnecessary competition. We should aim for borderless world

The world we live in is unjust, not rewarding hard work. People cannot choose their birthplace or the conditions they are born into. Some are granted vast opportunities, while others struggle in absolute poverty. This inequality is something we should seriously ponder and strive to rectify.

However, this idea is unfortunately far from realization because people don’t question a system based on exploiting people and competing for limited resources. A borderless world would be possible if people didn’t vehemently advocate for their undeserved advantages.


Borders are a factor that separates people, the only factor. Ultimately, we are all the same.

Borders create artificial barriers and restrictions, hindering people from moving freely and leveraging their opportunities. Imagine a world without borders, where people could travel, work, and live anywhere they want. This would open doors to new experiences, cross-cultural understanding, and peace. No one would have to fight for resources. No one would die of hunger.

Removing borders could help reduce global wealth inequality. In the current system, wealth concentrates in certain regions and countries, while others suffer from poverty and deprivation. A global wealth tax could be a means of implementing solidarity and justice. This reform could help reduce poverty and provide more opportunities for everyone. It would also prevent any region from supporting people beyond its own resources.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that removing borders is not a simple or easy process. It would require extensive international cooperation and agreements to become a reality. Unfortunately, cultural, political, and economic differences between countries, coupled with the greed of those in power, hinder this. Removing borders doesn’t mean an instant, complete unity. Instead, it opens doors to new discussions and collaborations to create a better and fairer world for everyone.

World leaders should seriously consider abandoning borders and implementing a global wealth tax. It would be a much-needed step toward a fairer world where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed. Removing borders is not an easy task, but it is a goal worth pursuing.

Together, we can create a better future for everyone.

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