Federation of Finnish Enterprises wants to abandon double salaries on Sundays

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Federation of Finnish Enterprises Suggest Abandoning Sunday Double Pay. 

Federation of Finnish Enterprises believe that Sunday’s double pay should be abandoned. They consider it an unnecessary expense that complicates salary administration. At the same time, they propose easing termination processes.

Federation of Finnish Enterprises published a long list of labor market reforms (read: deteriorations) that they would like the Orpo government to implement. Abolishing Sunday pay, making dismissals easier, privatizing state agency operations, and many other reforms favored by Orpo made it onto the list. In practice, this translates to wage cuts negotiated for the lowest earners. If you refuse, you’re out, and you face sanctions. Belonging to a union could also lead to termination, following the American model. Harsh treatment.


Unfortunately, the government is fully adhering to the guidelines of the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) and the Finnish Entrepreneurs, so this is likely to come to the table sooner rather than later.

Sunday double pay is one of many achievements of the trade union movement. Workers need days when they can plan their lives and enjoy time off. Double pay has been a means to compensate for lost free time.

Without Sunday bonuses, even small and medium-sized enterprises suffer. People can’t afford to spend, so when salaries are further reduced, many will have to close shop. For the state, this reform would be a farce, as many working in low-wage sectors would end up on social assistance.

Once again, the cut primarily affects low-income earners. Well-off experts don’t work weekends. However, cashiers, healthcare workers, maintenance personnel, among others, will have to give up their weekends, where compensation often constitutes a significant portion of their income. Well, here comes another 20% cut in earnings, even for those working.

And as the government pushes for local bargaining, we might soon see the end of Sunday bonuses through “negotiation.” Simultaneously, we could shift to a six-day workweek for almost the same pay as before Orpo’s horror government.

You get what you ask for. Unfortunately, the rest of us have to suffer because some voted for government parties despite everything.

There’s still time to act. Participate in strikes, raise your voice. If we don’t defend our rights now, soon there won’t be any left. It’s a long road back.

Anna panoksesi keskusteluun!

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